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Pre-Vocational Studies

These studies have been developed for the transition point between basic education and upper secondary level. They are aimed at supporting successful transitions from one level to the next as well as endorsing the continuity of students’ lifelong study tracks.

Prior to starting education leading to an upper secondary vocational qualification, students may apply for pre-vocational programmes preparing for vocational studies, where necessary.

The studies are directed at young people without a clear idea of their career choice or without sufficient capabilities to apply for or cope with vocational studies.  The studies last approximately one year (60 credits) and each student studies in accordance with his or her individual study plan. We provide the students with the opportunity to:
- improve their competence for knowledge acquisition
- improve their linguistic skills
- try out different professions
- develop their life-long learning skills
- prepare for work and independent living
- get acquainted with the world of work through company visits and workshop activities
- learn about different opportunities for further education
- prepare for completing an upper secondary vocational qualification either school-based or
  as apprenticeship training


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