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Aircraft Technician Training

Mänttä Regional Vocational Education Center educates professionals for the field of aviation and co-operates with many maintenance organisations, which have also employed many of the graduates from our institute.

Mänttä Regional Vocational Education Center has offered education in aircraft technology for adult students for over 20 years. The education is supported by the Ministry of Education. The education gives skills, which are needed when working in the field of aircraft structures and maintenance. Our most significant co-operation partners are Patria Aviation Oy, Finnair Oyj and GA Telesis, etc.

The aircraft currently used for teaching aircraft systems, structures and maintenance skills consist of Fouga CM 170 Magister, Beechcraft King Air 100, Piper Chieftain and Cessna 150. In addition, we have a lot of other equipment and material to be used in maintenance training. We have also the engines and engine accessories (Vinka, Saab Safir and Draken), with the help of which the students can learn how powerplants are maintained. In addition to these, we have also good amount of testing- and learning equipment for electric and avionic instruments.

Our Part 147/66 A-course (A1 and A2 licence categories), which lasts for 1 year and 3 months and consists of approximately 48 credit units, consists of aeronautical theoretical studies as well as practical tasks in the fields of aircraft mechanics, avionics and electrics. We have recently also started a web based B1.1-study program, running non-stop and lasting between two and three years.

Being an approved EASA Part 147 training organization means that in our study program the student will receive the same level of training as in any other European country working under the EASA regulations.

After the student has successfully completed the required training, passed the tests and completed the work experience required, the student may apply for an aircraft maintenance license. In Finland the licenses are granted by the Civil Aviation Administration (TraFi).

A skilled aircraft technician posesses the skills required to work in the field of traditional aeronautics and is able to apply his knowledge in situations where aircraft and aircraft engines are repaired and maintained. A skilled aircraft technician posesses a professional attitude, is responsible and honest and is able to work both alone and as a member of a group. As our training program is constantly developing, our aim is that the students´ possibilities to become employed within various tasks and employers in the field of aviation become more diversified. In addition to Patria Oyj, which operates mainly as a defence contractor, airlines like Finnair Oyj, Nordic Regional Airlines (Norra), Jet engine repair an overhaul company GA Telesis, as well as many smaller companies operating in the field of aircraft maintenance, are concrete domestic alternatives. The training received by the student at our training organization also gives the student the possibility to further train and work in any country recognizing EASA licences and training.

Our training facilities are brand new and they have been specifically designed and built to support aircraft maintenance training.We have modern ADP-equipment as well as well as quality tools and instruments. With the help of our aircraft used for aircraft maintenance training, we can organize authentic maintenance exercises as in companies working in the field of aircraft maintenance. During the training we organize practical maintenance tasks with various aircraft systems in our own maintenance environment. We also have classrooms for theoretical studies and an electronics and avionics workshops.

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