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SASKY’s International Development Activities

International activities of SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium are diverse and mainly aimed at Europe. Sasky’s strategy sets the goals to the consortium’s development activities. Sasky’s vision is that “We are an internationally respected and trusted work-life companion”. According to the strategy, Sasky takes actively part to the international networks and applies funding for projects which enable on-the-job learning periods abroad for students and foreign study visits for staff.

At the moment there are a few international projects in action in Sasky. “All for One and One for All” is a largest project offering students a possibility to spend an on-the-job learning period abroad. Its aim is to improve students employment possibilities, as well as to develop their professional skills, language knowledge, social and entrepreneurial skills. The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme. Besides, there are also sector-specific projects supporting Sasky’s students’ and teachers’ possibilities to network internationally. Sasky is taking part to the activities of three international networks: Taitumo (crafts and design), EUROPEA (natural resources and the environment) and national Russia-network (all fields).

In 2012-2014 Sasky coordinated the Leonardo da Vinci -funded innovation project “Perfect Match - Tools for High Quality Mobility Experiences”. The project dealt with hosting trainees from abroad in SMEs (in all fields). Its’ key idea was that when the right trainee is matched with the right company, all parties (the SME, the trainee and the sending organisation) gain the maximum benefits and the vocational education develops. The project developed tools for intermediary organisations to enable them to match the right trainees with the right SMEs. You can find the tools from the website: http://www.perfectmatch.fi/

At national level Sasky has concentrated on modernizing its’ learning environments, implementing the newest ICT in education and supporting students’ entrepreneurial skills. In recent years Sasky has e.g. modernized the premises of glass artisans, built a teaching restaurant and purchased the newest well-being technology for the use of social and health care students. Sasky has also been a forerunner in developing distance learning. At the moment there are several projects in Sasky diversifying the use of e-learning platforms and taking 3D printing part of the local curricula. Students have also a possibility to enhance their entrepreneurial skills e.g. by starting a mini company or taking part to a local student cooperative.

Sasky wants to remain as a forerunner of vocational education and training and is open to all cooperation ideas. If you are looking for a reliable partner from Finland, please be in touch with us!

More information:
Sirpa Uotila, International Coordinator: sirpa.uotila@sasky.fi, tel. +358 44 345 7230
Nikolay Karpov, Immigration Coordinator (esp. cooperation with Russia):
nikolay.karpov@sasky.fi, tel. +358 44 034 5750      


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