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Petäjä Regional Adult Education Centre


Petäjä Adult Education Centre provides annually around 14.000 lessons and 300 courses with almost 100 teachers for 3.800 participants. We operate in the region of seven municipalities (Parkano, Kihniö, Kankaanpää, Honkajoki Pomarkku, Lavia and Karvia).

Our courses are open for anyone to participate. There are no prerequisites for age or home address. Age recommendations are marked in the course title (e.g. ”YLI 10 V.” for over 10 years of age). The teaching is in Finnish if not stated otherwise.

CALENDAR 2017-2018

  • Course Enrollment period begins Thu 24.8. at 8:00
  • Fall term 4.9.-3.12.2017
  • Fall break 16.-22.10. (Parkano and Kihniö) 23.-29.10. (Kankaanpää, Pomarkku, Honkajoki and Karvia)
  • Spring term 8.1.-8.4.2018
  • Spring break 19.-25.2. (Pomarkku) 26.2.-4.3. (Parkano, Kankaanpää, Kihniö, Honkajoki and Karvia)


  • Enrollment period begins on Thu 24.8. at 8:00. You can enroll for a course:
  • On the net: our online enrollment system is available 24/7 at https://opistopalvelut.fi/petaja
  • By phone during office hours (see below)
  • By popping in at our office
  • We are sorry not to be able to take any enrollment by email, voice mail or text message.


  • By enrolling you commit to paying the course fee
  • Course fees are stated in the course list by term
    (e.g. ”Kurssimaksu 32 €” means 32 € for fall term and another 32 € for spring term)
  • The course fee is invoiced twice a year
  • Course fees are not refundable


  • If you cannot attend the course please cancel your enrollment.
  • Do it at least a week before the course starts and it is free of charge
  • Make the cancellation by phone or email to the office, not only to the course teacher


The Ministry of Education and Culture grants a special financial aid to support various beneficial activities, such as Finnish language studies. Aid is channeled through adult education centres to reduce course fees. Courses eligible to this aid are issued with a notification ”Opintosetelikurssi!”. See our course programme for Finnish language courses


Parkano office
Keskuskatu 1 2:nd floor
Open Mon-Fri 9 - 15
Tel. 044 045 5510

Kankaanpää office
Keskuskatu 41
Open Mon-Fri 9 - 15
Tel. 044 5800 520

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